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Horror film contact lenses for Halloween

by We Love Horror

Halloween is coming and the best costumes are usually those that take inspiration from Hollywood, combining terrifying film character ideas with some personal touches.
The eyes will often give scary costumes an added amount of horror by projecting sinister, evil energy and devouring anyone in sight.
Here are some of our favourite Hollywood horror film character costume ideas using colour contact lenses:
Hellraiser – Pinhead
Clive Barker’s Hellraiser was one of the most original and shocking horror films of its day, telling the tale of Frank Cotton, who finds and opens a mysterious puzzle box, unleashing the depths of hell into his home.
The box releases Pinhead into the flesh; a demonic, bondage-crazed Cenobite who uses hooks and chains to mutilate and torture Frank and other victims.
For the ultimate Pinhead look, try some Pinhead contact lenses from Eyesbright.com, combined with a leather body suit and rotting teeth; you can even carefully attach pins to your face using this YouTube tutorial.
Child’s Play – Chucky
Dolls are an unexpected source of evil, combining youthful virtue with a dull, vacant glare. ‘Child’s Play’ introduced us to Chucky, the evil and deranged doll brought to life by the soul of a serial killer.
Chucky’s pale blue glassy eyes, combined with denim dungarees and straw red hair provide a truly terrifying proposition. Fancy dress retailers stock a variety of Chucky outfits, but for the best results we recommend you make your own.

The Exorcist – Regan MacNeil
‘The Exorcist’ is surely one of the most chilling movies of all time; the tale of Regan MacNeil, a young girl possessed by an evil demon, who kicks and screams her way through two hours of bed-ridden terror.
You can re-create Regan’s neck spinning, soup-spilling antics with some well-worked make-up, a set of Exorcist contact lenses and long white night gown; white-out or black-out lenses will also work horrifyingly well too.
Pennywise – IT
Like dolls, clowns have a huge potential to evoke evil, with Stephen King’s Pennywise from ‘IT’ the most iconic monster of them all. This sewer-dwelling clown torments his victims by preying on their greatest fears, with terrifying blood red hair and ghastly, ghoulish eyes.
Combine a set of Pennywise The Clown contact lenses with white face paint, matchstick eyebrows, red hair and a disgusting set of false teeth.
A Nightmare on Elm Street – Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger tormented cinema goers for years, striking fear with his smouldering skin and razor-sharp shears. He creates an inevitable and inescapable sense of horror by preying on his victims in their dreams, as they sleep.
Recreating Freddy requires some expert make-up help, along with a tatty red and black jumper, brown felt fedora hat and a set of Demon Eye contact lenses.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TWgNuA35go (EMBED FILE)
If you are fan of the cult classic ‘Interview with a Vampire’, Louis De Point Du Lac Contact Lenses can help re-create Brad Pitt’s aristocratic vampire look. Alternatively fans of ‘The Host’ can try these eerie and iridescent green lenses.
These are just a few ideas for horror film Halloween costumes, but why not come up with a few of your own? Share them with us!

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