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Gremlins 3

by We Love Horror

Gremlins 3 – Rumored

Update –
Gremlins 3 likely to be more remake than sequel:

“There’s a growing sense that Warner Bros is keen to revisit the Gremlins series, and it sounds as if further progress is being made. Film Divider reports this morning that Morgan Jurgenson (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil) and Alex Ankeles (Subdivision) have pitched for the writing job on the movie, and said pitch “apparently went down a storm.” They’re said to have the approval of Christopher Columbus’ 1492 Entertainment (Columbus penned the original film), and now just need the nod from Steven Spielberg. If they get that, then the pair will have the green light to pen a screenplay for Gremlins 3.”

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Gremlins 3 is the rumored sequel to Gremlins 2: The New Batch which had been made in the year 1990. It has been lingering in development for years and the film is believed to be released sometime between the year 2014 and 2015, although nothing is actually official yet.

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