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Bates Motel – Marion

by We Love Horror

Bates Motel – Marion Review

(Spoilers ahead)
For fans of the original Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho, the big scene had finally arrived after 5 seasons. Marion Crane, played by Rihanna was introduced in the last episode (technically in episode s5e1) but like the series has done from the beginning it comes with a twist. Bates Motel has somehow made a very well known story, new and fresh and it continues to surprise us.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I was leaning towards a more direct adaption of the Marion scene I also know how the writers like to throw in you different directions. Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) and Marion have some classic scenes together. The invitation to eat dinner and discussion about his stuffed birds all seem to be leading up to the moment. When Marion returns to her room she prepares for the shower and not to surprisingly Norman is spying on her through the cut out picture behind the wall. The close-up shot taking us through the photo into Norman’s eye was a slick shot. More classic shots of the shower as Marion is unaware of whats going on behind the current, with the music mounting and quick opening of the curtain we see – just an empty bathroom. Yes they tricked us. Instead Marion goes to the front desk asking Norman for the check-in records to find her boyfriend’s Sams name. Instead Norman gives her his address.

This of course goes bad for Sam, as his secret life is now discovered and his car takes a bit of a beating because of it. The biggest surprise however was the moment Norman becomes fully aware of his delusion. After actually helping Mario rather then kill her, Sam comes to her hotel hoping for her to return. Roy Orbison’s crying is played while Sam decides to take a shower only for the curtain to be pulled back revealing Norman, stabbing him as Norman.

I have mixed feelings about taking the most famous death scene and giving it to Sam but if you’re going to do a remix like this it was executed perfectly. Overall one of the best of the series, we will just see how the Marion and Norman story wrap up.

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