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A Peculiar Kind of Madness

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 12 minutes I’d always known that my great-grandma was an orphan, but in late October of last year, she decided to tell me the truth about what happened to her family. We were visiting her for her birthday. It was a tradition in our household; a road trip we knew in the back of our minds we’d take only a few more times. She was turning ninety-eight, so that was just the cold hard truth of the matter. In my childhood, the journey to central Iowa had been a fun and light-hearted affair, but now my brother and [...]

The Tall Man of Briarbell, Missouri

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 5 minutes We had all liked Mr. Winscot. He didn’t mind when we used the sledding hill on his property and he always gave out the best Halloween candy in the neighborhood. So when we heard he’d been taken by the Tall Man, everyone was really bummed out. You wouldn’t have heard of Tall Man, so let me explain. Tall Man has been a legend in my town for decades. Those who claim to have seen him say that he is over 9 feet tall, slight, and pale, with an exceedingly polite smile. My dad told me that Tall [...]

Hide and Seek

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 9 minutes “Fifty-eight, fifty-nine, sixty!” Hide-and-go-seek was the order of the evening. Two days of rain with no signs of stopping meant mud, mud, and more mud. Jenn already knew where the kids were. They always hid together and in the same spot. Twins like to stick together, it seemed. “Where could they be?” she said convincingly as they giggled somewhere in the house. She tiptoed down the hall and peeked into their room. “Goodness, I will never find them! Maybe… here!” she shouted as she dropped to the floor and pulled the covers back. “Err, guess not…” [...]

Concerning The Masquerade

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 2 minutes Concerning the Masquerade Sara StonewoodGlobal News09/05/18[Sensitive Content] Halifax, NS So with the Halloween season close at hand, many police departments are bracing for an upswing in crime, particularly reports of pranks and practical jokes taken too far. As many of my readers may know, in previous years I have made it my duty to investigate the uncommon extremes of these seasonal jokes, such as the clown craze of Halloween 2016. However, this year’s seasonal fear is decidedly more deadly than carnival performers. Reports of a string of cross-country murders have officially been concluded to be the [...]

The Laughing Prophet

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 5 minutes The following article was sent by journalist Roberto Costa Campos, expert in criminal investigation, for the writing of “Na Hora”, a tabloid newspaper in São Paulo. Roberto was known for his daring and his lack of fear in investigating anything, often going into extremely dangerous situations simply to gather information. Three days after sending this article to the newsroom, Roberto disappeared. A body was found floating in the Tietê River – soon after, it was identified as being that of the journalist, but the identification could only be made by DNA testing, as the corpse suffered [...]

Creepypasta Publishing Announcement

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 2 minutes We here at creepypasta are proud to announce our first venture into book publishing. We’ve just released a very special paperback edition of Christopher Maxim‘s book, “How To Exit Your Body and Other Stange Tales” (Click HERE to check out his stories on the site). If you’re unfamiliar with the book, it is a collection of seven of his short stories with beautiful artwork by Crowtesque and a foreword by popular YouTube narrator CreepsMcPasta. This special paperback release (pictured above) includes a brand new cover designed by the talented Steven Rhodes (you may have seen some of his t-shirts [...]

My Experiences with The Psychic Knock Game

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 8 minutes [embedded content] If you’re reading this, then I assume you know all about Snapchat’s “Psychic Knock Game.” If not, you can click HERE to get caught up. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably been perusing the creepypasta site over the past few days and noticed the countless posts pertaining to The Psychic Knock Game. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty sick of them. I want my regularly scheduled stories back; anything that doesn’t involve that damned Snapchat ritual. I tried contacting the site through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but to no avail. [...]

I Played The Psychic Knock Game…

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 12 minutes [embedded content] My friends were idiots. I was an idiot. I don’t know if the warnings are real, but I know everyone else is gone. We thought it was a story. We just wanted to play along, have some creepy fun, but now it feels so real. Like it won’t go away until it has us all. At least that’s what Devin said. To be clear, none of us wanted this. It was supposed to be a fun, cheesy way to spend the night while Devin’s parents were out of town. Brendan found the story (here’s [...]

Don’t Play The Psychic Knock Game

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 8 minutes [embedded content] N̴o̸n̷e̷ ̶o̵f̴ ̷u̴s̷ ̵r̸e̶a̵l̷i̵z̶e̸d̴ ̵w̴h̷a̴t̵ ̶w̷e̸ ̵w̴e̶r̴e̷ ̶g̷e̸t̸t̷i̷n̴g̷ ̷i̵n̸t̵o̶.̶ ̵D̸a̸v̵i̴d̴ ̷i̸s̸ ̸t̵h̵e̶ ̸o̵n̴e̶ ̸w̵h̵o̷ ̴c̶l̵i̵c̸k̴e̶d̶ ̷o̷n̵ ̸t̶h̵e̵ ̶p̴o̶s̷t̴ ̵a̴n̶d̶ ̸d̵e̷c̴i̴d̸e̸d̷ ̴w̵e̸ ̸s̶h̴o̷u̴l̷d̸ ̷p̶l̷a̷y̷.̵ …. It was Thursday night and David’s dad was working. Naturally, at the prospect of finding ourselves on a Friday night unsupervised, my friends and I were drawn to David’s house, like moths into fire. We are all 17 years old. Before we played, we were beset with that unshakable, idealist faith of youth. Nothing could touch us; we would live forever. The psychic knock game…

The Psychic Knock Game

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 6 minutes [embedded content] That idiot Josh started this. He found this Snapchat user named callme_469 (click here for a pic of their snapcode). Rumor had it that the account belonged to a hot girl, so Josh thought he could flirt with her, I guess. Despite the suggestive name, Josh was misguided; after connecting, the user sent him nothing but snaps detailing the instructions to some sort of ‘psychic’ game. “You get a group of you together, and if you all focus hard enough, you can knock on someone’s door with your collective psychic energy.” Josh explained to [...]