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I Bought a Voodoo Doll on Ebay

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 4 minutes VOODOO DOLL, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, BRAND NEW! 100% cotton, hand-crafted voodoo doll for all your vengeful needs! NO CRAFTING NECESSARY – just write your target’s name across the chest. No sewing, cutting, or gluing! Warning: Do NOT use this doll to kill or severely injure. The Magical Arts Voodoo Doll™ is designed for inflicting minor wounds ONLY. womanofthemagicalarts666, 99.9% positive feedback I clicked the big Buy It Now button. Then I drove over to Michael’s for some extra-long sewing pins and a Sharpie marker. I was going to write Julie Harlow’s rotten name all over it. *** They knew [...]

Smiling Jane Doe

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 7 minutes At no point during the night was she more than a half-mile from the police station, but the park was thinly lit, and the road snaked through forest in both directions. I took a personal interest in her story after I learned about how badly her body had been mutilated. The details continue to flood in, and I am still working to tease apart the evidence. What is undeniably clear is that a killer still roams free. He is out there somewhere, and he is stalking new victims in the neighborhoods that I call home. For [...]

Self-Portrait of the Dead

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 9 minutes My mom hates her father. Grandfather Jack’s name might as well have been a swear word when I was growing up. Dad told me the story once, on the condition that I never tell mom I knew. Jack was married to my Grandmother Kathy for 22 years before he cheated on her. It wasn’t a midlife crisis or an intoxicated indiscretion either — he’d been going on fishing trips every other weekend for almost a year before Kathy figured out the fish was named Sally, and that she was half his age. Either dad doesn’t know [...]

Tales from the Gas Station (Part One)

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 5 minutes [embedded content] (In honor of Gas Station Jack’s new book, we are re-releasing his famous Tales from the Gas Station series, one part at a time, spread across the month of October. If you’re new to the story, enjoy! If you’ve read it before and have no interest in reading it again, scroll down to the bottom to check out Jack’s  new book, a mix of old and new gas station tales that are guaranteed to leave you horrified. Thanks for reading.) At the edge of our town, there’s a shitty gas station that’s open twenty-four [...]

I Found a Laptop Connected to the Deep Web

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 15 minutes My local internet cafe is not much of a sight to behold. I think that’s what may have contributed to it shutting down for a couple months back in June. The exterior was reminiscent of an abandoned shack with its dilapidated appearance and broken windows. However, after they cleaned up the inside, I definitely saw some improvement. Sparkly clean tile floors and beautiful mahogany countertops filled the cafe with a sense of ease and elegance. I always got plenty of work done in there, so the shop’s grungy look never bothered me much, but it was [...]

Jeff The Killer: Scars of Corruption

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 87 minutes **This is a sequel to the Jeff The Killer reboot. To read that part first, click HERE. To read the original Jeff The Killer story (unrelated to this series), click HERE** (artwork in image credited to DeviantArt users SuchAnArtist13 and BladeRazors) From the prologue to Jeffery Woods: Brother-Friend-Killer: By Liu Woods Before we begin this journey, I want it to be known that when I remember my brother Jeff, I remember a friend. I remember a big brother who taught me how to climb a tree, throw a baseball, play video games and about a million [...]


by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 25 minutes “Holy shit…Gary?  Is that you, Gary?” Gary quickly spun around to face the voice he’d immediately recognized, although he was far from convinced that it was actually coming from the form of his brother and best friend: Mikey.  It seemed fairly obvious that since he was most likely losing his mind, the possibility that Mikey was really nothing more than an elaborate construct his waning sanity had produced for its own amusement had to be given serious consideration. “Mikey?”  Weak and uncertain, his tone was almost pleading. “Well yea, Little Brother,” Mikey assured him before Gary [...]

Late Night Pizza

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 4 minutes It was ten minutes till close when I heard the door swing open. Jingle-jingle. Ugh. A customer this late? It was my first day at Tony’s Pizzeria, and I was eager to get home. My manager, Mason, had to leave early – his infant son had a fever – and I was left all alone to close up. Sighing, I put down the broom, and made my way to the front. “Hi, may I help –” I stopped. The store was empty. Everything was as I left it – the chairs lifted onto the tables, the lights [...]

He Comes Closer When I Blink

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 3 minutes Father O’Brian- You’ve asked me to keep a journal, and here it is. It seems that relocating to Maryland was a waste. Moving from one house to another doesn’t seem to stop anything, and the police are at a loss. If you are unable to help us, the easiest path forward is just to give up hope. Hope hurts too much if there is no faith to lift its wings. * Day 1 – Our first night on Hill Street did not offer any peace. The constant ticking of the clock was audible from every room [...]

I Discovered The Meaning of Life

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 4 minutes So, I discovered the meaning of life. Or at least, that’s what my eager customers are led to believe. You see, two or three times a month, I post a listing titled “The Meaning of Life” to various auction sites. I couple it with a sappy picture of a sunset or rainbow and a description that reads “All views are subjective. Results may vary.” Most people wouldn’t bat an eye at such a ridiculous listing, but there are some gullible folks out there that take the bait. When the bidding ends, I usually take home anywhere [...]