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Tales from the Gas Station (Part Five)

by We Love Horror
Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Second Coming

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s been a week since the program started. A program that I thought would be the easiest way to make fifty grand within a week, but things turned to shit on the third day of a project called The Second Coming. Eighteen people were involved in the project. Eight of us were observers. I was one of the observers, and our role was simple. We were gathered together in one room where we were to watch dozens of monitors that displayed everything going on in a makeshift town; one created for the program. If there was anything [...]

The Little Religion

by We Love Horror
Friday, October 12, 2018

An Old Man’s Last Secret

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 4 minutes My grandfather is 95 years old and doesn’t have long left in this world. There’s nothing but a mess of tubes and wires to tether him here with us. It’s difficult for him to speak, but each rasping whisper carries a severe weight that cannot be interrupted. My family doesn’t talk about things like death though, so whenever I visit with my dad, we tend to spend most of the time sitting in near-silence. “What a news week, huh?” my dad might say. “Mmmm,” Grandfather will grunt. “Crazy world.” Then silence again. Small talk seems almost [...]

Tales from the Gas Station (Part Three)

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 11 minutes *Click HERE to read Part 1 / Click HERE to read Part 2* There are times when this world drifts so close to the fabric of reality that I can hear something calling me from beyond that veil. Sometimes when I get too close, I can feel that thing on the other side tugging at the corners of my mind. I’m worried about Carlos. He doesn’t seem to be taking this so well. ___ When I returned to work after my post yesterday, I was delighted to find a stack of receipt papers sitting neatly on [...]

Next Time, I’ll Summon a Smarter Demon

by We Love Horror
Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Beyond Vantablack

by We Love Horror
Monday, October 8, 2018

My Roommate Joined a Cult

by We Love Horror
Sunday, October 7, 2018

Tales from the Gas Station (Part Two)

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 5 minutes [embedded content] *Click HERE to read Part 1* At the edge of our town, there’s a shitty gas station that’s open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and sometimes longer. If you were to go inside, you would probably see the tired cashier sitting behind the front desk doing his best to mind his own business. He’s real. You may also see someone else. You may also see something else. If you’re curious about the reality of anyone or anything (including yourself) inside that small ammonia scented flickering-fluorescent collection of off-brand junk food, dirt, four walls, [...]

I Bought a Voodoo Doll on Ebay

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 4 minutes VOODOO DOLL, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, BRAND NEW! 100% cotton, hand-crafted voodoo doll for all your vengeful needs! NO CRAFTING NECESSARY – just write your target’s name across the chest. No sewing, cutting, or gluing! Warning: Do NOT use this doll to kill or severely injure. The Magical Arts Voodoo Doll™ is designed for inflicting minor wounds ONLY. womanofthemagicalarts666, 99.9% positive feedback I clicked the big Buy It Now button. Then I drove over to Michael’s for some extra-long sewing pins and a Sharpie marker. I was going to write Julie Harlow’s rotten name all over it. *** They knew [...]