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by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 4 minutes You wake up to a text one morning. It is 7:03—you blink, sleepily. It’s from your best friend, Tom. The message reads, hey! do you wanna hang out some time today?? i’m free whenever You blink at your phone and then send him a response. yeah, I can be there around ten With that, you turn your phone off, roll over, and go back to sleep. When you wake up, the clock beside you reads 9:26. Instinctively, you check your phone. You have a text. cool! see you then It’s from Tom, of course, so you [...]

If Glass Could Scream

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 4 minutes “Purgatory on Earth” read the flyer as it flapped unevenly in the wind, poorly stapled against the wooden post of a power line. It was an interesting title, not exactly the alluring intro phrase most religious recruitment ads used. For what I knew of Purgatory, it wasn’t exactly a place most people were itching to get into in a hurry. Still, I was curious enough to see exactly what sort of sales pitch this group had prepared, and I had nothing better to do than wait for the bus to take me back home from work. [...]

Let Me Take Your Picture

by We Love Horror
Reading Time: 5 minutes Guys, I need help. I’m posting this from my car parked at a truck stop just outside Keiser, Arkansas. My parents own a cabin in rural Tennessee. Since they’re getting older, we’ve been splitting the responsibility of caring for the property. I go down there by myself a few times a year, to get away from the city and check up on the place. I usually stop in Keiser because they have gas, a grocery store, and a little park where I can stretch my legs if I need to. I have the next couple days [...]

The Perfect Dish

by We Love Horror
I inhaled slowly, relishing the sharp, sweet scent of the fresh tomato sauce as I spread it. Though my touch was delicate and my movement precise, I couldn’t keep the swatches of bone-white dough from materializing in the ladle’s wake. But that was easy to correct. Measuring the sauce by eye, I painted over each ghostly trail as an artist corrected imperfections on the canvas. Under appreciated as it was, cooking was still as much an art form as sculpting marble, or painting the ceiling of a chapel. The patience, skill, dedication, and raw talent necessary to combine the ingredients [...]

Buyer’s Remorse

by We Love Horror
When I saw the car for sale on Craigslist, I was shocked. Not only was it a good price, decent shape, and reliable brand – but it was custom built for someone who didn’t have legs! Both of my legs had to be amputated due to a childhood illness. Obviously, it made driving a lot more complicated. I learned to drive on a specially equipped car that had the gas and brake powered through a hand crank instead of pedals. I drove that thing for a decade before it was stolen. I still think about those bastards who took it… [...]


by We Love Horror
Two whiskey sours, one Old-Fashioned, and a Madras. Two whiskey sours, one Old-Fashioned, and a Madras. Where’s the cranberry juice? I’ll have to cut up another orange. I can’t find a sugar cube; I wonder if Mr. George will notice it missing. Be very careful about which whiskey sour gets the antifreeze. Add extra lemon juice to that one, so that Larry doesn’t notice the chemical sweetness of the methanol. The drink on the far left is the one I want him to take. I’ll make sure to hand out the glasses as soon as I reenter the living room, [...]

How To Break a Bad Habit

by We Love Horror
Monday, August 6, 2018

There’s Something Living in the Wallpaper

by We Love Horror
Sunday, August 5, 2018

Evil Within The Institution

by We Love Horror
Saturday, August 4, 2018

Bone Dust

by We Love Horror
Friday, August 3, 2018