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Rob Zombie Guest Edited the Halloween Issue of ‘Metal Hammer,’ Which is Loaded With Horror Icons

by We Love Horror
Not only is Fangoria back on store shelves, but it seems like every other magazine is getting into the horror spirit for Halloween this year. We’re loving it, and we’re glad to see that Metal Hammer magazine is no exception. On shelves tomorrow, a horror issue edited by Rob Zombie! Featuring “130 pages of terror,” The Horror Issue features metal bands interviewing horror legends, including Doug Bradley, John Carpenter, Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder! The special Halloween issue also features a piece from Metallica on “the classic slashers you’ve never heard of,” as well as Nicolas Cage talking “blood, guts [...]

Candy Shop IT’SUGAR Has an Exclusive Line of “Stranger Things” Goodies for Halloween

by We Love Horror
“Stranger Things” are happening inside IT’SUGAR stores this Halloween season, as the candy company has this week launched an exclusive line of treats based on the Netflix series! In addition to two exclusive t-shirts, the IT’SUGAR x “Stranger Things” line includes: Gummy Waffle Gummy “My Little Pollywog” “Missing Barb” Malted Milk Balls Gummy Letters “Upside Down” Chocolate Bar (half premium milk chocolate, half grey-speckled white chocolate) These are all available in IT’SUGAR stores and over on the company’s website!

Hot Topic Will Be Getting a New ‘Child’s Play 2’ Funko POP! Toy That’s Simply Amazing

by We Love Horror
The folks over at Funko are obviously MASSIVE horror fans, and their POP! vinyl toys of our favorite icons often take deep cut inspiration from the franchises they call home. Take, for example, Funko’s brand spankin’ new Hot Topic Exclusive POP! toy of battle-damaged Chucky from Child’s Play 2, unveiled over the weekend and based on the sequel’s kickass finale. “Chucky on Cart,” which will only be found at Hot Topic (in store and online) depicts a bruised and bloody Chucky, with his legs missing and his right hand replaced by a knife! The new toy has a Fall release, [...]

‘Venom’ Invades the Box Office With $200M Worldwide Opening!

by We Love Horror
Holy. Shit. Even with all of the negative press leading into its release, Columbia Pictures’ Venom bonded with audiences to received a B+ CinemaScore. Whether critics liked it or not, the Ruben Fleischer-directed Spider-Man spinoff was a monstrous hit, pulling in not only $80M here in the States, but another $125M internationally for an estimated $205M global opening. Get this, it hasn’t even opened in China yet! For perspective, this opening will be an October record previously held by Gravity, which celebrated $55.7M. Also, even more shocking, Venom‘s opening is bigger than any of the Spider-Man movies. Ever.  For even more [...]

[Video] Watch ‘Return of the Living Dead’ Recreated in ‘GTA Online’

by We Love Horror
There’s plenty of invention in the GTA community, and a common source of that is when creators dabble in recreating movie trailers within the game’s city of Lost Santos. YouTube creator gigerbrick (David B Vann) has plenty of experience with this, but rather than recreate the latest blockbuster trailers, David makes GTA-based trailers for cult film and horror fare instead, and his latest creation sees him reanimate the Return of the Living Dead in an impressive trailer. [embedded content] The trailer was made with the help of other community members using GTA Online footage edited together in an attempt to go beat-for-beat [...]

“Stan Against Evil” Season 3 Trailer Makes a Deal With the Devil [Video]

by We Love Horror
Bang out some spells and spring some trapped souls this Halloween with the premiere of IFC’s horror-comedy Stan Against Evil.  In the all-new official Season 3 trailer, unveiled today at New York Comic Con, catch a glimpse of the nightmarish moths, possessed puppets and evil plumbers swiftly taking over the quaint New England town of Willard’s Mill. IFC’s original horror-comedy series Stan Against Evil stars John C. McGinley as Stan Miller, the curmudgeonly retired police sheriff of Willard’s Mill, and Janet Varney as Evie Barrett, the current sheriff determined to wipe out the demons that plague their town of Willard’s Mill. Deborah Baker Jr. and Nate Mooney return to co-star as Denise Miller, [...]

Blumhouse Hopes to Make More ‘Halloween’ Sequels

by We Love Horror
While this may be completely obvious news, Blumhouse’s Jason Blum hopes to make more sequels to John Carpenter‘s 1978 Halloween, assuming the next installment (in theaters Oct. 19) is a hit. “Yeah, for sure, for sure, 100 percent,” Blum tells EW. “Let me tell you, if we got six movies out of [Paranormal Activity] — they found new footage five times in a row! — I feel like we can figure out the next chapter. But we’ll see.” Without knowing the ins and outs of the deal, there are quite a few producers/companies involved in the David Gordon Green-directed sequel, [...]

[Trailer] From the Writer of ‘Let the Right One In’ Comes Another Fantasy Love Story, ‘Border’

by We Love Horror
Based on a short story by the author of Let the Right One In, John Ajvide Lindqvist, director Ali Abbasi‘s Border has been a massive hit on the festival scene, winning the prestigious Un Certain Regard award at Cannes earlier this year. Neon will be releasing the film on October 26, and they’ve premiered the must-watch trailer this week. In Border, a boldly unique fantasy love story… “After a customs officer develops a strange attraction to the suspect she’s investigating, the case’s revelations soon call into question her entire existence.” Border is the second feature from Iranian-born Danish director Abbasi, who co-wrote the screenplay with Isabella [...]

Horror Spoof ‘Saturday the 14th’ Making its Blu-ray Debut from Scream Factory Next Year

by We Love Horror
Announced at Comic Con earlier this year, Scream Factory is giving 1981’s Saturday the 14th its Blu-ray debut, and we’ve learned today that it’s headed our way in January 2019. In the horror spoof, John and Mary can’t believe their good fortune when they inherit the vast estate of John’s recently departed uncle. Sure, it’s a fixer-upper. But there’s nothing that can’t be taken care of with a fresh coat of paint, a little dusting … and maybe an exorcist! It turns out that they’ve just moved into the most eerie house in Erie, PA — and one that some [...]

‘Doctor Sleep’ Director Mike Flanagan Talks Acknowledging Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ and Contacting Original Danny [Exclusive]

by We Love Horror
Mike Flanagan took time off from filming the Stephen King adaptation Doctor Sleep to talk to Bloody Disgusting about his Netflix series “The Haunting of Hill House”. Naturally, we had to poke him for insights into Doctor Sleep as well. The book is King’s follow-up to his seminal novel “The Shining”, with a grown-up Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor) as the lead. Danny Lloyd, who played Danny as a child in Stanley Kubrick’s movie The Shining, only acted once more in a TV movie. Flanagan says the production of Doctor Sleep did get in touch with Lloyd, but that’s all he’d reveal [...]