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[Review] ‘Christmas Blood’ is a Fun, But Familiar Killer Santa Flick

by We Love Horror
Axe-wielding murderous Santas aren’t anything new, but they’re still one of my all-time favorite horror tropes. From Santa’s Slay to Silent Night, we’ve seen all sorts of wacky yuletide carnage taking place on a traditionally cheerful occasion. Norwegian filmmaker Reinert Kiil is the latest to try his luck at a serial-killing Saint Nick with Christmas Blood, a movie that aims to bring the holiday rampage a bit closer to home. Christmas Blood stars an ensemble of young friends determined to make the most of their holiday trip to an isolated winter wonderland after a recent tragedy. Featuring the talents of Ida [...]

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Season 2 Trailer Embraces a Whole New Attitude; Coming in April!

by We Love Horror
Not only are we getting a brand new holiday episode of Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” but the second season of the series has already been filmed and is also on the way. We’ve learned today that Season 2 will arrive on April 5, 2019! Sabrina’s got a whole new attitude in Season 2, previewed below… [embedded content]

‘The Walking Dead’ Heads to China for Upcoming New Skybound Novel ‘The Walking Dead: Typhoon’

by We Love Horror
Skybound Books, the co-publishing imprint formed by Skybound Entertainment and Atria Books/Simon & Schuster, Inc., just announced seven new novels to be published through 2020, including The Walking Dead: Typhoon, the franchise’s first foray into China. The book follows a group of survivors banding together against a wave of walkers in the most populous country in the world. Fans can expect author Wesley Chu (The Lives of Tao, Time Salvager) to bring a fresh perspective on societal decay and decomposing flesh to the world of the comic series. Other new announcements include: Every Sky a Grave by Jay Posey: A high-flying, sci-fi adventure about [...]

Godfather of Gore: The 5 Most Influential Lucio Fulci Horror Films

by We Love Horror
Herschell Gordon Lewis earned the moniker “godfather of gore” in the early ‘60s when he created the splatter subgenre in horror with Blood Feast. But it didn’t take long before another director would earn and share the title; Italian maestro Lucio Fulci. Fulci began his film career as a documentary director before switching gears and shifting into comedy screenwriting. The screenwriting eventually gave way to producing, acting, and directing feature films. With an extensive career that spanned almost five decades, Fulci dabbled in all genres, from spaghetti western to musicals to exploitation, but it was his work in horror that [...]

[Sundance 2019] ‘Babadook’ Director Jennifer Kent Returns with ‘The Nightingale’!

by We Love Horror
For those of you who don’t know, the Sundance Film Festival is the film festival. While there are several others of vast importance, it all begins with Sundance, which takes place this coming January in Park City, Utah. This past year, Hereditary celebrated its World Premiere, which began the hype train that ran through several festivals into the summer release. Now, star Toni Collette is the topic of Oscar chatter. The year before, it was Jordan Peele and his social thriller Get Out. Prior to that, we saw Jennifer Kent make a name for herself with The Babadook, which became [...]

Jordan Peele’s ‘Candyman’ Confirmed and Set for 2020 Release!

by We Love Horror
This past September, Bloody Disgusting exclusively broke the news that Jordan Peele‘s Monkeypaw Productions would be producing a remake to the Bernard Rose-directed Candyman, a chilling urban horror film adapted from Clive Barker‘s “Books of Blood” short story “The Forbidden”.  This has been confirmed this afternoon with news that it is being billed as a “spiritual sequel” that returns to the neighborhood where the legend began: the now-gentrified section of Chicago where the Cabrini-Green housing projects once stood. “Urban” had a dual meaning in that the original adaptation was moved from England to the now demolished Cabrini–Green public housing development in Chicago, while the antagonist [...]

NECA’s Upcoming Accessory Set for ‘IT’ 2017 Includes Sewer Diorama and Classic Pennywise Doll!

by We Love Horror
Following the recent releases of their Pennywise 1990 and Pennywise 2017 action figures, NECA has today unveiled a brand new upcoming IT product, based on the 2017 film. Build terrifyingly detailed scenes from the movie with this new deluxe accessory set! These incredible pieces are perfectly in scale with NECA’s line of 7″ figures and include some truly iconic items from the acclaimed horror film: Sewer Diorama Display Base – Featuring an exclusive-deco Pennywise face peeking out from the sewer grate! Measures over 6” x 6” (across and deep) and 2” tall. Pennywise Jack in the Box Accessory – Over 3” tall. [...]

“… And Cowards”: ‘Splatterhouse’ Turns 30

by We Love Horror
Time does something weird to the things you love. On one hand, it can reinforce just how good your favorite game/film/song was (and still is), or show you the ugly truth of something aging badly. It’s been thirty years since Namco unleashed Splatterhouse into the arcades back in November 1988, and for many horror fans back then was the ultimate send-up to the genre. But now, with franchises like Resident Evil having fulfilled that for a new generation, what’s to say of Splatterhouse? Rick Taylor and his girlfriend Jennifer Willis are two college students that end up taking take refuge [...]

[R.I.P.] ‘Don’t Look Now’ and ‘The Witches’ Director Nicolas Roeg Has Passed Away

by We Love Horror
Just a few months after his 90th birthday, we’ve learned this morning, British filmmaker Nicolas Roeg passed away on Friday night. Roeg is perhaps most known for directing the 1973 horror film Don’t Look Now, and he later returned to the genre for 1990’s The Witches. Roeg also directed the David Bowie-starring The Man Who Fell to Earth, as well as Eureka, Insignificance, Castaway (1986), Cold Heaven and Two Deaths. In addition to directing, Roeg also worked on notable films such as Lawrence of Arabia (Second Unit Photography), Doctor Zhivago (cinematographer, some scenes), and Casino Royale (additional photography). Edgar Wright tweeted [...]

Watch Tom Savini Prep Nasty Practical Effects In William Lustig’s ‘Maniac’! [Blu-ray Exclusive]

by We Love Horror
Back in June, Blue Underground announced that they were gearing up for a new Blu-ray release of William Lustig’s controversial ’80s slasher, Maniac. The release, hitting shelves on December 11th, promises to be the best presentation the film has ever seen thanks to a recent discovery of the original camera negative that has since been scanned in 4K. The 3-disc set not only has a brand new transfer, but it will also be loaded with special features, many of which have never been seen before. The new bonus features include some outtakes and we’ve got a sneak peek for Bloody Disgusting [...]