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Norman Reedus Thinks ‘Death Stranding’ is Releasing “early this coming year”

by We Love Horror
Now, despite the source, take what Norman Reedus says with that usual tub of salt. Death Stranding was a very unfortunate no-show at The Game Awards on Thursday, despite Kojima being his usual teasing self. And we still don’t have a release date for the game! However, according to Norman Reedus, that might change as early as next year. During his appearance on the Dan Fogler Podcast (which you can check out here, as well as read a transcript of the podcast), Reedus was asked about Death Stranding, and specifically, just when it was going to be released. His response? [...]

“… And Cowards”: ‘Splatterhouse’ Turns 30

by We Love Horror
Time does something weird to the things you love. On one hand, it can reinforce just how good your favorite game/film/song was (and still is), or show you the ugly truth of something aging badly. It’s been thirty years since Namco unleashed Splatterhouse into the arcades back in November 1988, and for many horror fans back then was the ultimate send-up to the genre. But now, with franchises like Resident Evil having fulfilled that for a new generation, what’s to say of Splatterhouse? Rick Taylor and his girlfriend Jennifer Willis are two college students that end up taking take refuge [...]

[R.I.P.] ‘Don’t Look Now’ and ‘The Witches’ Director Nicolas Roeg Has Passed Away

by We Love Horror
Just a few months after his 90th birthday, we’ve learned this morning, British filmmaker Nicolas Roeg passed away on Friday night. Roeg is perhaps most known for directing the 1973 horror film Don’t Look Now, and he later returned to the genre for 1990’s The Witches. Roeg also directed the David Bowie-starring The Man Who Fell to Earth, as well as Eureka, Insignificance, Castaway (1986), Cold Heaven and Two Deaths. In addition to directing, Roeg also worked on notable films such as Lawrence of Arabia (Second Unit Photography), Doctor Zhivago (cinematographer, some scenes), and Casino Royale (additional photography). Edgar Wright tweeted [...]

‘Lucius III’ Raises Hell on December 13th

by We Love Horror
Fans waiting for Shiver Games’ Lucius III to finally get that sweet release date won’t have to wait long, as the game has been announced for a December 13th arrival. Priced at $19.99 and available for wishlisting, the devs have also released a bunch of gameplay trailers to sate fans. Lucius III puts the player back as Lucius, the clearly-not-inspired-by-Damien antichrist as he makes his way back to Winter Hill, where he spent the first six years of his life. From there, Lucius does what he does best. If you haven’t experienced the first two games in the series, you [...]

Classic Costumes Available For Free in ‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake!

by We Love Horror
As cool as the DLC costumes are for the Resident Evil 2 remake, there are those who are still suckers for the original costumes. I’m not talking about the remake’s costumes, mind you. I’m referring to the original game’s costumes, which to be fair, needed an update. But, for those who are still wanting those old-school costumes, Capcom is doing you a solid: Both Leon and Claire’s classic 1998 costumes have been recreated for RE2 Remake, and will be in the game. These costumes are not DLC, and will be unlocked after fulfilling “certain conditions”. What those conditions are haven’t [...]

Info on ‘MediEvil’ Remaster Coming “in The Next Week or Two”

by We Love Horror
Sony announced late last year that they were in the process of bringing back MediEvil in a remastered edition, similar fashion to Spyro The Dragon. But despite the series turning 20 years old this year, we haven’t heard anything about the remastering. According to the latest PlayStation Blogcast, that will change within a couple of weeks. At around the 34 minute mark of the podcast, PlayStation social media director Sid Shuman states that “in the next week or two,” Sony will have a little something for fans. “I have it on excellent authority that one [Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios [...]

A Collection of 90’s-Inspired Horror Games Join Forces in the Spooky Retro Bundle 2 This Weekend

by We Love Horror
Indie horror games tend to include the most imaginative and bonkers examples of the genre around, and the Spooky Retro Bundle 2 on itch.io is a testament to that. The bundle features seven horror titles that borrow from the visual stylings of the original PlayStation, N64, and in one case, the Atari 2600. The variety on offer sees you get intentionally glitchy madness, cults, and the highly topical inclusion of a Killer Nun (Praise be). The bundle is only for this weekend and all seven titles together will set you back just $14.95. The full list of titles is below alongside a retrotastic [...]

VR Horror ‘The Persistence’ Gains New Modes in Free Update Later This Week

by We Love Horror
Fans of Firesprite Games’ The Persistence will be getting a free update loaded with features later this week. In an update posted to PlayStation Blog, The Persistence‘s game director, Stuart Tilley, has revealed that in addition to a host of accessibility features, the game will feature four brand-new game modes. Currently, The Persistence only has the main Campaign and a Survival Mode where you play through Campaign again using only 10 clones. The new modes in the update include: Glass Cannon – You need to make it through 24 rooms with increasing difficulty to get to an escape pod. Campaign+ [...]

Gorgeous Visuals Await in Stealth Horror Game ‘Unholy’

by We Love Horror
Recently-formed Duality Games have announced their first project in the form of first-person stealth horror, Unholy. Set for release next year (according to the game’s Steam page), you play as Saidah, a mother in search of her child in the Last City. The city itself is ruled by a caste system, with humans ranking lower than the creatures that make up the upper caste. Making matters worse is a mysterious plague going around. While details are light, the game appears to use a sanity mechanic similar to the Amnesia series, giving you more incentive to stay out of sight. Additionally, [...]

[Video] Watch ‘Return of the Living Dead’ Recreated in ‘GTA Online’

by We Love Horror
There’s plenty of invention in the GTA community, and a common source of that is when creators dabble in recreating movie trailers within the game’s city of Lost Santos. YouTube creator gigerbrick (David B Vann) has plenty of experience with this, but rather than recreate the latest blockbuster trailers, David makes GTA-based trailers for cult film and horror fare instead, and his latest creation sees him reanimate the Return of the Living Dead in an impressive trailer. [embedded content] The trailer was made with the help of other community members using GTA Online footage edited together in an attempt to go beat-for-beat [...]