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Grave Gardening: Conserving America’s Garden Cemeteries

by We Love Horror
Grave Gardening: Conserving America’s Garden Cemeteries Prior to 1830, families buried their dead in local church cemeteries or family cemeteries. In 1831, Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts became the first modern public cemetery. It was a “garden cemetery,” whereby landscape designers incorporated water features and plants amongst the graves. These “rural cemeteries” served as...

Official ‘Venom’ Trailer and Poster Embrace the Monster Within!

by We Love Horror
WE… are Venom. Sony didn’t make the best first impression with their initial teaser trailer for director Ruben Fleischer’s Tom Hardy-starring Venom, which showed us a lot of Eddie Brock but none of Venom. Have no fear, because the official trailer out of CinemaCon tonight, as previewed by some leaked footage earlier, shows the monster off in all his glory! Eddie and the Venom symbiote become one for the entire second half of the trailer, with Brock struggling with his newfound alter ego. By the end of the footage, he has fully embraced his inner monster – or inner anti-hero, [...]

R.I.P.: Haunt Jaunts No Longer Sailing on ParaMania’s Airwaves

by We Love Horror
Skellie and I had a big time having a radio show on ParaMania Radio, but on Wednesday I made the tough decision to quit. Last Tuesday’s show was, well…our last. Apologies for the sudden departure. I greatly appreciate all who tuned in each week and made the effort to be part of the live studio...

#FunFactFriday April 20, 1841

by We Love Horror
#FunFactFriday April 20, 1841 Our #FunFactFriday factoid is that on this day April 20, 1841, Edgar Allen Poe published the first modern detective short story titled “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” in Graham’s magazine. This started a new genre whereby an outsider (non-police officer) solves the case. Poe called this character the “ratiocination.” Needless...

Experience Haunted Headlines in a New Way

by We Love Horror
You know the Haunted Headlines I’ve been posting? Well, I’ve been wanting to do those for years, but also something else: a video version of them. In fact, the post version sprung out of the video version idea. But it took me a little while to figure out how to make the video version a...

Expressive New ‘Hereditary’ Trailer Gives Fair Warning

by We Love Horror
Don’t say you weren’t warned. A24 shares the expressive new “Charlie” trailer forHereditary which introduces the youngest member of the Graham family, a girl with a penchant for arts & crafts that will haunt your nightmares. In fact, she has an Etsy store set up in which she’s selling a trio of handmade dolls for $75 each. There are only three available, so you better hurry if you wanna grab one… As for the trailer, well, it’s another powerhouse preview that I wish I could unsee. I’d love to go into this massively hyped horror film cold. But if you must [...]

One Rule: Never Make a Sound

by We Love Horror
Poster for the movie A Quiet Place (2018)

What Are Your Museum Doppelgangers?

by We Love Horror
Have you used the Google Arts & Culture app to find your museum doppelganger yet? I meant to write about this in January, but there wasn’t time before we left on our Southeast Asia trip. Whoever came up with this is brilliant. It’s a neat –and fun!– way to learn about famous –and not-so-famous– works...

[TV Review] “Legion” Season 2 Premiere Builds a Maze of Crazy!

by We Love Horror
Television’s most ambitious and impressive genre series returns like a bolt of electricity to the brain and sets the scene for a crazy sophomore season!  “You’re inside the maze now. You cannot escape. Welcome to madness.” Are we the butterfly that dreams that he’s actually a man, or are we the man who dreams that he’s a butterfly? Legion doesn’t want you to know the answer, but it does want you to get lost in the process and adopt a new perspective. There are a lot of ways to begin a new season of a series, but Legion most importantly [...]

OnStellar Launches World’s First Paranormal Cryptocurrency

by We Love Horror
Saw this press release on PRWeb. Too good to pass up sharing. ONSTELLAR is the next critical step in combining social media with cryptocurrency. Designed for a growing enlightened global community and focused exclusively on the extraordinary, profound and metaphysical, ONSTELLAR will be the first platform of its kind to focus on connecting like-minded individuals...