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Ominous (2009) Movie Review | Jon Wesley Jr.

by We Love Horror
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTo0RMxG-so Thanks for watching! Stay alive and be sure to subscribe for more episodes. New episodes every other Friday. Watch Ominous here: https://youtu.be/nMLC9RJ9gqo OMINOUS A supernatural thriller inspired by actual events. When the Callahans set off for a peaceful family vacation in the mountains they never expected their personal demons to follow them. The children discover a paranormal presence in the secluded cabin and two generations of secrets are revealed, forever changing the lives of the living as well as the dead. Sizzling performances by a stellar ensemble including Melissa Salinas (Treggin, The Case) and Sean Patrick Flaherty (Daddy Day [...]

Frankie in Blunderland | Full Horror Movie

by We Love Horror
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC3lYqGdQT8 Kings of Horror presents: Frankie in Blunderland Everyone hates Frank. Especially his wife Katie and his best friend Tommy Spioch, who asked to crash on their couch 2 years ago and never left. Tommy spends most of his time lusting after Katie who seems to hate him just as much as she hates Frank. The only things Katie does like are boxed wine, knitting and Mexican soap operas. Frank's existence is stupid. After two possibly accidental homicides, two kidnappings and a visit from a remarkably well-hung talking butterfly (played by adult film legend Evan Stone) Frank embarks on an [...]

The Nixer | Full Horror Movie

by We Love Horror
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8aYJv-Qp6A #KingsOfHorror presents: The Nixer The Nixer is about two childhood friends turned petty criminals, Michael and Daniel. Having no discernible skills and little or no education they have ended up living in a dingy bed sit and doing odd jobs for local gang boss Tony Gallagher. Tired of living on the bread-line and begging for scraps Daniel suggests that they should to go into business for themselves and get out from under Tony's thumb. They pull off their first job but quickly realize they've messed with the wrong person. Time is now running out as they try to escape [...]

Hayride (2012) Movie Review | Jon Wesley Jr.

by We Love Horror
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWgElGWnmEU Thanks for watching! Stay alive and be sure to subscribe for more episodes. New episodes every other Friday. Watch Hayride Here: https://youtu.be/RjeBRjGGCj4 HAYRIDE A college student returning home for Halloween is forced to face his childhood fears when an escaped killer takes refuge in his family's "Haunted Hayride". Stalk Jon Wesley Jr. on Twitter: @jonwesleyjr Follow Kings of Horror on: https://www.facebook.com/kingsofhorror https://www.instagram.com/kingsofhorror/ https://twitter.com/KingsofHorror And check out our blog too! http://kingsofhorror.com/ If you are viewing on a mobile device, click on the white bell on our channel home page to turn on notifications about exciting new horror movies…

IT Trailer is finally here

by We Love Horror
The 'IT' Teaser trailer is finally here and looks to be more terrifying then the original. Opening with the infamous scene with Georgie chasing his paper boat down a raining street into the sewer, it soon delivers chills at our first glimpse of pennywise popping up from the sewer shadows. Ever since the 1990 version came out I was one that had always wanted to see this adapted on the big screen. With all of the unnessary remakes and reboots, this one in particular I always felt was the exception. I loved the original but it was held back from [...]

Stephen King’s ‘IT’ remake coming in 2017?

by We Love Horror
The original It movie based off the novel of the same name It: A Novel was a made-for-tv movie which aired in 1990. You can find Stephen King's It on Blu Ray and DVD. Updated (3/22/2016) Filming is still aimed to begin this summer and with an R-rating in mind, according to producer Roy Lee, who was also quoted saying: "It is very close to the source material in one way but very different if you look at it as a literary piece of work… We’re taking it and making the movie from the point of view of the kids, [...]

Two Line Cryptic Horror Stories

by We Love Horror
Everyone loves a good creepy story and sometimes its not about how long it is. Here are some of the best two line cryptic horror stories found on Reddit. 1. I know you can still hear me. Even after I sawed off your ears. 2. In all the time I've lived alone in this house. I swear I've closed more doors then opened. 3. After working a hard day, I came home to see my girlfriend cradling our child. I didn't know what was more frightening, seeing my dead girlfriend and still born child or knowing someone broke in to [...]

The Walking Dead Mid Season Premiere Reactions

by We Love Horror
Youtube Walking Dead Vlogger Reactions to the deaths of Season 6 Episode 9 - No Way Out. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS!!! Enjoy!

How to make a haunted house with no budget

by We Love Horror
Hi guys, So every Halloween I'm trying to figure out a way that I can make a good haunted house set up in my backyard. I found a few videos online that helped give me some great ideas. If you have any photos or videos of great haunted haunts you have done, put them in the comments below.