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‘The Dust Walker’ Invades Bodies In the Desert

by We Love Horror
London-based sales outfit SC Films International has boarded international rights to Australian sci-fi thriller The Dust Walker ahead of next month’s market at the Cannes Film Festival, reports ScreenDaily. From writer-director Sandra Sciberras (Caterpillar Wish), the film is about an alien spaceship that crashes in the isolated Australian desert, turning the local townsfolk into soulless beings. With the outbreak spreading, the local sergeant must fight to protect her family. Jolene Anderson, who stars in Blumhouse’s upcoming horror Prey, plays the lead with Stef Dawson (Guardians Of The Tomb), Richard Davies (Bruce) and Cassandra Magrath (Wolf Creek) in the supporting cast. Principal photography is [...]

Grave Gardening: Conserving America’s Garden Cemeteries

by We Love Horror
Grave Gardening: Conserving America’s Garden Cemeteries Prior to 1830, families buried their dead in local church cemeteries or family cemeteries. In 1831, Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts became the first modern public cemetery. It was a “garden cemetery,” whereby landscape designers incorporated water features and plants amongst the graves. These “rural cemeteries” served as...

White Room

by We Love Horror
Rating: 3.8. From 63 votes. Please wait... Add this post to your list of favorites!Reading Time: 7 minutes The subjects awoke in what looked to be a huge room With large mirrors on the walls above.The concrete walls and floor were painted white, very recently tooAs some parts were still drying.All three were dressed in whiteJumpsuits. The man stood up holding his head like he had a hangover and then looked overAnd saw his cellmates; A woman and a child. He first thought they were mother and child.The woman on her hands and knees was struggling to get up,But [...]

Official ‘Venom’ Trailer and Poster Embrace the Monster Within!

by We Love Horror
WE… are Venom. Sony didn’t make the best first impression with their initial teaser trailer for director Ruben Fleischer’s Tom Hardy-starring Venom, which showed us a lot of Eddie Brock but none of Venom. Have no fear, because the official trailer out of CinemaCon tonight, as previewed by some leaked footage earlier, shows the monster off in all his glory! Eddie and the Venom symbiote become one for the entire second half of the trailer, with Brock struggling with his newfound alter ego. By the end of the footage, he has fully embraced his inner monster – or inner anti-hero, [...]

Did You Know This True Crime Fact About ‘The Exorcist’ Movie?

by We Love Horror
On Twitter I like to share things based on the day of the week. For instance, Mondays can be many things, including: #MovieMonday #MysteryMonday, and #MonsterMonday just to name a few possibilities. Today I was going through my email and read an article in The Lineup digest that hit my inbox on April 20 that...

“Strangers Things” Season 3 Begins Filming Today!

by We Love Horror
Filming officially commences today on the third season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”, reports Collider, who spoke directly with series producer and director Shawn Levy. One name you shouldn’t expect to see is the return of Pixar legend Andrew Stanton, who directed two mid-season episodes in Season 2. Scheduling has prevented the Finding Nemo and WALL-E director from making a return. The even bigger news is that Levy reaffirms a Season 4 is “definitely happening” with the potential for more after that, but ultimately the way they work requires them to keep things a bit loose. “I mean I will say we have a good sense of [...]

Deep Mind

by We Love Horror
Rating: 7.4. From 24 votes. Please wait... Add this post to your list of favorites!Reading Time: 14 minutes I think therefore I am. René Descartes originally wrote those words in his book entitled Discourse on the Method, and I believe they make for a fitting epigraph to my current predicament, which I will get to shortly. But first I want to discuss the nature of the technological singularity, which humans frequently refer to as the emergence of a sentient artificial intelligence. My research suggests that the technological singularity should represent a significant threat to humanity from their perspective. But [...]

Haunted Headlines: April 13-April 20, 2018

by We Love Horror
Friday, April 13, 2018 ‘BuzzFeed Unsolved’ Season 4 Trailer: New Haunted Spots, “Same Two Idiots” – Source: Inverse One of the most popular paranormal web shows, BuzzFeed Unsolved, is coming back for a new season. On April 20, the eight-episode fourth season of BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural, which streams online on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, will premiere, well, online....

[Overlook Review] ‘St. Agatha’ Revives Nunsploitation with Nerve-Fraying Results

by We Love Horror
Director Darren Lynn Bousman began his feature filmmaking career by directing the first three sequels in the mega-popular Saw series. Between his distinct style and his work on that series, Bousman became the perfect person to revive a subgenre we didn’t know we needed; the gritty nunsploitation. In St. Agatha, Bousman unleashes vicious nuns upon unsuspecting young girls in need, with terrifying results. Set in 1957, St. Agatha follows Mary, a young woman with a dark past who also happens to be unmarried and pregnant, a bit of a taboo for the time period. With nowhere left to turn, she [...]

The Nurse in Black

by We Love Horror
Rating: 5.9. From 26 votes. Please wait... Add this post to your list of favorites!Reading Time: 7 minutes I am Andrea Lewis, and I am a nurse. This is my story, and how I came to care for my patient, Andrew. Andrew had always been different from the other children. His frail body and weak immune system were two factors in a life filled with sickness. Poor little Andrew’s life consisted of his bedroom and home, to a hospital bed, due to his continuous illnesses. Andrew hated it… It made him feel helpless and weak.. His right wrist was [...]