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[Deals] The Complete ‘Leprechaun’ Blu-ray Collection Has Dropped Down to $15!

by We Love Horror
All things Swamp Thing-related have blended together in my mind. As a child, I was certainly familiar with Swamp Thing and enjoyed him on my television set many times. A lot of that, I’m sure, was from the TV show because I watched wrestling all the time so my TV was basically on USA Network nonstop. As far as the two films are concerned I’m not certain if I watched them or not. My guess is I did, but I really don’t know. I decided to put an end to that confusion recently my watching the second film, The Return of [...]

‘Angels of Death’ set for Release on the Nintendo Switch June 28th

by We Love Horror
I can’t say that I’m familiar with Playism’s psychological horror game Angels of Death. The game was originally released as Freeware, but has since made its way to Steam. It’s also spawned a manga adaptation, and an anime adaptation that’s scheduled to air later this summer. And now, the game is headed to the Nintendo Switch, where it will be on the Nintendo eShop June 28th for $14.99. You can also pre-order it now for a 10% discount. The game is divided up into four parts, and centres on Ray, a girl who awakens in a room resembling a basement, [...]

The Dreamcast’s ‘Blue Stinger’ Was a Campy, Messy Attempt to Breathe New Life Into Survival Horror

by We Love Horror
We re-visit the bonkers madness of ‘Blue Stinger,’ the Dreamcast’s first and most ridiculous foray into the survival horror genre “What will you do if the monster attacks you when you’re butt-naked?”“Then I’ll fight back butt-naked!”  When the Dreamcast was fresh on the market, many of the examples of innovative graphics and gameplay in its titles spoke to a whole new generation of gaming that could do wonders for the survival horror genre (there’s a reason that Resident Evil CODE: Veronica was originally a Dreamcast exclusive). If titles like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Clock Tower could be so effective [...]

The Candy Lady

by We Love Horror
This is a guest contribution from Dusty Davis. Learn more about him in the About section below. Did you hear the urban legend where candy was left for children on their bedroom window sills at night. After a few nights, the candy wrappers would have messages written on them asking the children to come and play. The...

Haunted Headlines: June 8-15, 2018

by We Love Horror
If you like haunted stories, there were some doozies once again in the news this week. Ghosts watching little kids riding their bikes, a man being stalked by the ghost of a seven-foot-tall ringmaster, and a ghost mom haunting her snoring son –because of his snoring. These are just a few of the gems that...

This Prop Artist is Making T-Rex Foot Garbage Cans That You Can Buy for a Lot of Money

by We Love Horror
No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this product. They promise. You’ve probably never imagined throwing your trash into the foot of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, in fact I can pretty much guarantee that, but prop artist Richard Riley doesn’t really care if you’ve been asking for such a product… he went ahead and made one anyway. Yes, through Regal Robot, you can now purchase a hand-made T-rex foot garbage can. “This 100% faux taxidermy can function as a waste paper basket or (if you’d like to request customization) an umbrella or cane holder or even a planter,” the company [...]

Sleeping Beauty | Full Horror Movie

by We Love Horror
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyUqULgthUk Kings of Horror presents: Sleeping Beauty The beautiful Aurora (Jenny Alford) is cursed into everlasting sleep by an evil witch for a crime she didn't commit, The brave Commander of the Guard, William (Robert Amstler) embarks on a quest inspired by both love an loyalty to free the doomed princess. He travels into the dark forest, where he encounters a friendly elf that helps him on his quest, a dangerous wizard with no love for royalty or evil, a deadly assassin, and a ravenous creature that preys on human flesh before the final confrontation that will determine Aurora's fate. [...]

#FunFactFriday #TheNunMovie Trailer Dropped

by We Love Horror
#FunFactFriday #TheNunMovie Trailer Dropped The highly anticipated prequel to the fantastically successful Conjuring franchise opens in theaters on September 7, 2018. The official trailer dropped this week and has had over 4 million views. This week’s #FunFactFriday involves this movie. The Nun (2018) is set much earlier that The Conjuring, making it the first in...

The Ghosts of Sprucevale

by We Love Horror
This is a guest contribution from Dusty Davis. Learn more about him in the About section below. From Bigfoot, to UFO’s, to frogmen, Ohio is home to several legends and hauntings. There are several just within the abandoned ghost town of Sprucevale, Ohio. The canal town was established in 1837 by the Hambleton brothers, who built...

Meet ‘The Nun’ Star Bonnie Aarons, Who’s Been Giving You Nightmares for Nearly 20 Years

by We Love Horror
Whether you even realized it or not, Bonnie Aarons gave you nightmares long before The Conjuring 2 turned her into the most terrifying demon-nun in horror movie history. It’s kind of wild that Valak, who gets her own spinoff prequel courtesy of this year’s The Nun, has become such a memorable horror icon, because she actually wasn’t even originally supposed to appear in The Conjuring 2. Initially, Valak was embodied by a devil-like creature, but James Wan brilliantly came up with the concept of the evil nun very late in the game. According to many reports, the Nun was actually [...]