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Vampira Meets Elvira: Killer Halloween Makeup Mashes Together the Two Queens of Horror Hosting

by We Love Horror

We’ve seen some pretty awesome Halloween costumes this year, which we’ll be compiling together for you in the coming days, but there’s been one standout this year that most definitely deserves a spotlight of its own. Known as “The Trash Mask” on her hugely popular Instagram account, Libby Wiseman just turned herself into, well, both Elvira *and* Vampira!

It seems Wiseman couldn’t decide which horror hosting queen to be for Halloween this year, so she decided to make herself up as a stunning fusion of the two. Wiseman turned half of her face into Elvira and half into Vampira, perfectly capturing the big and bold look of the ’80s horror hostess while also nailing the classic, black & white style of the ’50s horror hostess.

I’ve been using makeup as an art form since about 2013,” Wiseman recently told 360 Wichita. “I remember seeing a magazine editorial and the model had skull face paint on and I thought, ‘this is really beautiful, I want to do this,’ so I did. Makeup will remain my creative outlet, nothing more. I’m just conveying whatever strikes me at the moment, my emotional state, my excitement over something new I learned about. Sometimes I’m not trying to convey anything but whimsy through my makeup. The world desperately needs more whimsy!

Follow The Trash Mask on Instagram to see more of Libby’s makeup creations!

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