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The Rise and Fall of an American Scumbag | Short Horror Film

by We Love Horror

Kings of Horror presents: The Rise and Fall of an American Scumbag The Rise and Fall of an American Scumbag is the fourth feature film from Denver auteur filmmaker Dakota Bailey. The film features five interconnected stories that revolve around several bottom dwelling characters that include Johnny (Dakota Bailey), an unstable drug-addicted hitman, his boss/drug kingpin Pat (Alaskan Cinder), Billy, (Darien Fox) a sadistic sociopath with a scheme to murder his father for his life insurance policy and wheelchair-bound Vietnam Veteran/vigilante Wheeling Deals (L.B.). The film documents the rise and eventual self-destruction of the characters and takes the viewer on a nihilistic journey full of drugs and death. Enjoyed the film? Try some of our other full-length feature films for free: Want more Monster horrors? Try this playlist: https://goo.gl/rtSvah
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