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Nightmare Rewind to the 1992 “Freddy Speaks” Documentary

by We Love Horror

Grab a glass of warm milk, slip on those PJs, and drift off into a time warp with Robert Englund and one of the coolest retro documentaries on the Nightmare On Elm Street series.

Originally aired and produced by Showtime back in September 1992, Robert Englund gloriously discusses the evolution and genesis of Freddy Krueger. In a sort of twisted eulogy on the heels of the (at the time) final film, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Englund highlights some of Krueger’s greatest achievements in the world of pop culture, while also diving into what exactly makes Freddy tick. Heather Langenkamp, Robert Shaye, and Wes Craven also appear in the short film to give some insight on their friendly neighborhood homicidal maniac.

In the nearly 20-minute doc, Englund also slashes into some little-known facts regarding the cool special effects seen throughout the franchise; including his ultimate favorite from the six films to date. We also get to hear a little history of Freddy’s glove and my personal favorite, Freddy merch and toys – some of which I myself, have never seen prior to this doc (because hey, who doesn’t want Freddy Krueger bubblegum or pencil erasers?)!

Of course, Krueger isn’t too pleased with the fact that he hasn’t seen a dime from all the merchandising profits. Off camera, Freddy belittles Englund by quipping that he would be selling Thighmasters on infomercials if it wasn’t for him. You gotta love Freddy’s sense of humor!

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