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IT Trailer is finally here

by We Love Horror

The ‘IT’ Teaser trailer is finally here and looks to be more terrifying then the original. Opening with the infamous scene with Georgie chasing his paper boat down a raining street into the sewer, it soon delivers chills at our first glimpse of pennywise popping up from the sewer shadows.

Ever since the 1990 version came out I was one that had always wanted to see this adapted on the big screen. With all of the unnessary remakes and reboots, this one in particular I always felt was the exception. I loved the original but it was held back from his true potential by being a made for TV movie and without Tim Curry’s performance it would have most likely been forgotten.

The trailer seems to have delivered a much more chilling and disturbing look. For anyone who’s ever hated clowns, this new trailer captures the reason why we were right to hate them.

September 8, 2017

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