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Handy Chart Lays Out the ‘Halloween’ Franchise’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” Timeline

by We Love Horror

The franchise gets real interesting with this year’s David Gordon Green-directed Halloween, as it’s not quite a continuation of the original franchise or Rob Zombie’s remake franchise. Instead, the Jamie Lee Curtis-starring film picks up 40 years after the events of John Carpenter’s Halloween, disregarding *every* subsequent film in the series.

In other words, Laurie Strode’s various returns in the past have been retconned.

It’s this beautiful root… Halloween is like this old growth and it can branch off into a new way,” Curtis explained to us on the film’s set earlier this year. “And as far as I’m concerned, the past doesn’t exist. It’s a new generation for this movie so there will be eons of young people who will only know Halloween and this movie; it’s like a pallet cleanser.

There are now several different timelines at play within the Halloween franchise’s multiverse, and this fun and handy new chart from OldPalMarcus.com breaks down the franchise on a timeline level to create a sort of “choose your own adventure” graph for the eleven films that have thus far been released under the disparate Halloween umbrella.

Allow Marcus to make this all make a whole lot of sense for ya…

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