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Fearfighter | Interactive Horror

by We Love Horror

Kings of Horror presents: FEARFIGHTER
An interactive movie game where YOU choose your path to the final frame.
David and Mike lose their friends to a demented fearworld where human fears run wild under the control of the insidious one, the Fearmaster. David and Mike must now find their inner hero and fight to save their friends and if they are lucky… Their own lives! Bloopers and interviews included in the final videos! Want more Serial Killer horrors? Try this playlist: https://goo.gl/0K1YUH
Want more Monster horrors? Try this playlist: https://goo.gl/rtSvah
Want more Vampire horrors? Try this playlist: https://goo.gl/y9RW9I
Want more Zombie horrors? Try this playlist: https://goo.gl/x5dMwM
Want more Slasher horrors? Try this playlist: https://goo.gl/W8xfC2
Want more Survival horrors? Try this playlist: https://goo.gl/wXDrPF Follow us on:
https://twitter.com/KingsofHorror And check out our blog too!
http://kingsofhorror.com/ NOTICE: All of the films uploaded to Kings of Horror are legally licensed, and we have the exclusive YouTube rights for specific territories. Any copyright inquiries should be sent to hello@kingsofhorror.com."

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