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Fan Spent October Visiting Horror Movie Filming Locations and Documented It All on Twitter

by We Love Horror

If you’re looking for the best thread on Twitter right now, look no further than the account of Shawn Kohne, a horror fan who lives in Los Angeles, California. Shawn spent the month of October reveling in his love for the horror genre, paying a visit to iconic filming locations from his favorite horror movies and documenting his day-to-day experiences on Twitter.

Shawn explained in an e-mail to us, “This was my second year going around the greater Los Angeles area taking comparison pictures of Horror movies/TV shows/music videos from the day they were put on film to the day I took them. Each day I posted at least 1 picture, sometimes more than one. I thought if anyone would enjoy my Halloween Horror Hunt for 2018, it would be you wonderful people. So please enjoy my hunt.

Check out some highlights below and be sure to follow Shawn for the full thread!

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