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[E3 2018] ‘Sea of Solitude’ Trailer Explores the Horror of Loneliness

by We Love Horror

E3 2018 is officially upon us, and what better way to kick things off than with a fresh trailer for a game that was actually announced way back in 2015. Jo-Mei Games’ Sea of Solitude will be published by Electronic Arts under its EA Originals banner, and is looking at an early 2019 release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Sea of Solitude is described by creator and Jo-Mei Games’ Creative Director Cornelia Geppert as being created at one of the lonliest times of her life, and how that loneliness can turn people into monsters. “I think that is why so many people can instantly connect with the game, because it is not a made-up story even though it takes place in a fantastic setting. In SOS, we try to show how people experience different kinds of loneliness, but also how outsiders, friends, and family also struggle.”

In a sense, like Ninja Theory’s Hellblade, Sea of Solitude looks to touch on the emotional horror that is all too human, but all too real and frightening. Horror fans don’t have to look too far in the genre with films like The Babadook, Jacob’s Ladder and even Alien 3 to get what Sea of Solitude is trying to say.

In Sea of Solitude, you play as Kay, a young woman whose feelings of sadness, loneliness and anger are so all-consuming that she transforms into a monster. Fortunately, Kay is surrounded by an ocean full of creatures just like her that potentially hold the answer to changing her back. Players must confront and utilize Kay’s feelings of heartache, empathy, and hope to unravel the mystery surrounding her transformation, and eventually free her from her cursed state.

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