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Blue Underground Working on 4K Restoration of ‘Maniac’ from Previously Lost 16mm Negative!

by We Love Horror

Over the weekend, Diabolik reports, director William Lustig announced at a special screening of 1980’s Maniac that the original camera negative for the film has been found and already scanned in 4K, and Blue Underground announces today that they’ll be the ones presenting the brand new 4K restoration, from the previously lost 16mm camera negative!

The company teases, “The new 4K master is leaps and bounds ahead of everything seen before, finally presenting MANIAC as it was originally shot FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!

Diabolik adds, “The film was shot in 16mm and then blown up to 35mm for theatrical release. The 16mm camera negative has been missing for decades so all other masters of the film were taken from the 35mm dupe negative which is not ideal and the source of the image problems on the previous Blu-rays. The 16mm negative (as well as a treasure trove of other found b-roll footage) has been scanned in 4k for a future release and screenings.”

More as we learn it!

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