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Reading Time: 4 minutes You wake up to a text one morning. It is 7:03—you blink, sleepily. It’s from your best friend, Tom. The message reads, ...
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Capcom’s Japanese Premium Edition of ‘Resident Evil 2’ Comes at a Premium Price

Have $1000 lying around? Capcom of Japan have something for you. We know about the North American Collector’s Edition of the Resident Evil 2 rema...
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If Glass Could Scream

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Purgatory on Earth” read the flyer as it flapped unevenly in the wind, poorly stapled against the wooden post of a powe...
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Network to Release ‘Miss Leslie’s Dolls’ and ‘Who Killed Teddy Bear’ on Blu-ray!

UK’s Network is gearing up to release  Miss Leslie’s Dolls and Who Killed Teddy Bear on Blu-ray, providing both films with their debut in the f...
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Let Me Take Your Picture

Reading Time: 5 minutes Guys, I need help. I’m posting this from my car parked at a truck stop just outside Keiser, Arkansas. My parents own a ca...
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[Interview] Director Trio RKSS Talk Balancing Nostalgia with Grim Thrills in ‘Summer of 84’

Three years after debuting cult favorite Turbo Kid at Sundance Film Festival, filmmaking trio RKSS (Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl W...
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[Review] ‘The Meg’ Is Well Aware What Kind of Movie It Is and Delivers Monster Sized Fun

Discerning genre geeks face a weird dilemma when it comes to shark movies: basically, Jaws is one of the best movies ever made (obviously) and the ba...
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The Perfect Dish

I inhaled slowly, relishing the sharp, sweet scent of the fresh tomato sauce as I spread it. Though my touch was delicate and my movement precise, ...
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