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[Deals] The Complete ‘Leprechaun’ Blu-ray Collection Has Dropped Down to $15!

All things Swamp Thing-related have blended together in my mind. As a child, I was certainly familiar with Swamp Thing and enjoyed him on my televisi...
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‘Angels of Death’ set for Release on the Nintendo Switch June 28th

I can’t say that I’m familiar with Playism’s psychological horror game Angels of Death. The game was originally released as Freeware, but h...
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The Sign of Dragados

Add this post to your list of favorites!Reading Time: 18 minutes The following narrative was discovered written on the pages of a sodden logbook that ...
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The Dreamcast’s ‘Blue Stinger’ Was a Campy, Messy Attempt to Breathe New Life Into Survival Horror

We re-visit the bonkers madness of ‘Blue Stinger,’ the Dreamcast’s first and most ridiculous foray into the survival horror genre “What wil...
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Old Vinyl

Add this post to your list of favorites!Reading Time: 8 minutes My grandfather loved music. No matter what time of day, or what he was doing, somethin...
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The Candy Lady

This is a guest contribution from Dusty Davis. Learn more about him in the About section below. Did you hear the urban legend where candy was left f...
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Haunted Headlines: June 8-15, 2018

If you like haunted stories, there were some doozies once again in the news this week. Ghosts watching little kids riding their bikes, a man being sta...
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This Prop Artist is Making T-Rex Foot Garbage Cans That You Can Buy for a Lot of Money

No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this product. They promise. You’ve probably never imagined throwing your trash into the foot of a T...
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