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Haunted Headlines: May 18-25, 2018

Some weeks are like haunted houses: very spirited. This was a busy news week. I’ll keep the intro short so you can dig right in. Bone appetite! ...
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Subject Eighty-One

Light! Searing, brutal light awakens you, pulling you from the dark oblivion you didn’t even know you were in. Screams echo around you, long and ...
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Artist’s Epic “Real Ghostbusters” Art is the Ultimate Tribute to Kenner’s Toy Line

If you ask a group of ’80s kids to name the best toy line from that era, I’m willing to bet a large number of them will wax nostalgic about K...
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[Blu-ray Review] ‘Threads’ is a Devastating Look at Nuclear Holocaust

When Severin Films announced the Blu-ray release of Threads I had no idea what the film was. A made-for-TV film that first aired on the BBC in 1984? ...
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Ghost Hunts USA Secures Dates For Private Paranormal Investigation Of the RMS Queen Mary

Saw this press release on PR Newswire… Ghost Hunts USA, the largest operator of paranormal investigation and ghost hunting events in the Unite...
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Adios Forums, Hola HJ Facebook Groups

I’ve been busy making some changes to the site. One of them involved making the decision to officially said bye bye, adios, arrivederci to the F...
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NETFLIX Horror Films Streaming In June 2018

Here’s the short list of genre films/series streaming on Netflix this coming June 2018: June 1 The Boy: A young American named Greta (Laure...
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