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‘Lucius III’ Raises Hell on December 13th

Fans waiting for Shiver Games’ Lucius III to finally get that sweet release date won’t have to wait long, as the game has been announced for a ...
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No Mercy! Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of ‘Left 4 Dead’

To anyone who can hear this: Proceed to Mercy Hospital for evacuation. I repeat: Proceed to Mercy Hospital for evacuation. I can’t recall how man...
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We Watch You Sleep

Reading Time: 7 minutes People are suing about everything these days. I remember hearing about that direct marketing company Monat getting a class ...
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Late ’90s Serial Killer Thriller ‘The Bone Collector’ Being Turned into NBC TV Series

Remember The Bone Collector? Released in 1999 and directed by Phillip Noyce, the thriller starred Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie on the hunt ...
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The Blue Eyed Painting

Reading Time: 7 minutes “So… what are we doing here?” “We’re uh… appreciating art.” “How do you appreciate art?” “I think ...
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Best PS4 Horror Games -The Finest Horror From PS4’s First Five Years

What do we think the best PS4 horror games are? As the PS4 turns 5, Bloody Disgusting lists the best horror on Sony’s juggernaut console. The PS4...
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The Watcher

Reading Time: 7 minutes Growing up, a lot of my friends talked about spending time at their grandparents’ houses, whether during summer vacation ...
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Lance Reddick Joins Now Filming ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’

After next year’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters, WB & Legendary’s MonsterVerse will continue with the Adam Wingard-directed Godzilla vs...
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